Freebie | Printable Easter Egg Hunt Bundle

Freebie | Printable Easter Egg Hunt Bundle

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Add a little extra fun to your Easter morning with an Easter Egg Hunt.



Good quality card stock 200gsm or higher




Paper straws

Wooden skewers

Pom poms

Step 1: Print out the Black Bow Studio Easter Egg Hun printables file. For best results use good quality card stock 200gsm or higher will work best.

Step 2: Cut out around each of the banners and bunny clues using a good pair of scissors and write your clues on the bunny’s tummy.  I’ve left the clues blank so you can fill these in with your own clues but if you’re feeling a little lost for ideas you can download the bunny clues filled out with my clues.

Step 3: Attached a paper straw to the back of each of the banners with sticky tape and insert a wooden skewer in to the base of the straw. The skewer will offer structural support to the banner when pushed into the ground and the straw is just for decoration to hide the skewer. If you don’t have paper straws just attached the skewer to the back of the banners with tape.

Step 4: Attached a pom pom on to the white circle at the bottom of each bunny clue for his fluffy tail.

Step 5: Now the real fun begins, hide the eggs around the house and garden and pace the banners in between to give your little ones (or big ones) a hint which way to go. Remember to leave a trail a little eggs long the way with each clue. The final clue should lead to the big bonanza of eggs and chocolate bunnies.



To make the hunt extra special you could also make a really easy Easter basket to help make collecting all those eggs so much easier.


Small ice-cream cup or paper cup

Hole punch

Pretty ribbon for the handle

Shredded tissue paper

Washi tape (for decoration)

Step 1: Punch two holes into each side of the cup. Make sure holes are at the half way point to ensure the cup doesn’t tip over when being carried.

Step 2: Thread the ribbon through each hole and tie off on each side to fix the ribbon nice and securely to the cup.

Step 3: Add washi tape to the outside of the cup to decorate it. I’ve just used one row of gold glitter as my cup was already decorated with pink and white stripes. You could also use cut out pictures of Easter bunnies and eggs.

Step 4: Place the shredded tissue paper into the bottom of the cup and it’s ready for the Easter Egg hunt.


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