Please see the below answers to frequently asked questions, you can also preview and try out our templates via the demo link in the listing descriptions. 

Please note our store is currently a mixture of Corjl and editable PDF templates, the individual listing will advise if it is a Corjl or PDF template. 

How do I download my templates?

You will have access to your templates as soon as your order has been processed by Etsy, for Corjl templates you can access your order via the link sent to your Etsy registered email address by Corjl or go directly to corjl.com and use your order number to log in. You can find your order number and instructions in your purchases page within Etsy 
PDF templates can be downloaded from your purchases page within Etsy 

I'm missing a template.

If you are missing a template from your Corjl order you may have purchased an editable PDF template in your order, our shop is currently a mixture of Corjl and editable PDFs. You can download editable PDF's from your purchases page within Etsy 

Where can I print my template?

The below list of printers has been complied from positive feedback given by previous customers who have printed their templates with the below printers. We have personally printed with and can recommend Officeworks, VistaPrint and Peterkin Paper.
Peterkin Premium Paper (we recommend ♥ Peterkin)
• FedEx
• Kinkos
• Office Depot
• Staples
• Walgreens
• Local Printing Shop
• At home

Where can I buy envelopes?

Can I use my invitation template as an E-vite?

Absolutely! Once you've finished editing your Corjl template you can choose to download it in either PDF, JPG or PNG format, for sending via email or text we recommend saving as a JPG. 

Can I change the faux foil headings?

Unfortunately, no, some of our faux foil headings are images and not editable text. To double check if you can edit the heading or not copy and paste the demo link found in the listing description into your internet browser and click on the heading. 

My template has expired, can it be renewed? 

Of course! We will reactive as soon as we are back in the office.

Who edits and prints my template?  

All our templates are DIY editable templates that you edit and print yourself. This gives you 100% control over the lead-time and printing quality of your template - No need to wait around for proofs you can edit, download and print in minutes.

Can you print my template?  

We do not offer a printing service anymore, while our templates can be printed on your home printer (except for large format signs) we recommend for best results to use a commercial printing company, we suggest using Google to to find your nearest print shop or choosing from the above list of printers.

What is Corjl? 

Corjl is an online template editing platform that allows you to personalise your templates without installing any software or fonts on your computer or mobile device. You can access Corjl in any internet browser, Google Chrome is recommended, to edit and download your templates. The Corjl platform supports editing on mobile devices however we recommend using a computer or laptop to access the full editing capabilities Corjl offers - the mobile platform doesn't support the more advanced editing functions.
You can view the range of helpful video tutorials Corjl offers here.

Which parts of the editable PDF templates is editable? * Applies to PDF templates Only *

Each PDF template has different parts that are editable and not editable, please refer to the individual product listing and photos for details of which areas can be edited. Only the text shown within the blue text boxes in the listing image is editable. If the text is NOT in a blue text box then it is NOT editable.

Any graphics/images used in our templates are not editable, all graphics/images are locked in place and cannot be moved or altered.

We are working to convert all our templates over to the Corjl platform. 

The font changes when I click on the editable blue text box or I can't save my PDF template. *Applies to PDF templates Only *

Please ensure the template is open in Adobe Acrobat, if the template is open in any other program you will not be able to edit and save the template properly. Please note that after downloading files some computers may automatically open the downloaded template in the internet browser or in Preview on MAC, double check the file is open in Adobe Acrobat before editing. If you have edited your template in a different program do not save the changes as this will overwrite the original formatting and you will need to delete the file and download again.