Faux Foil Effect

The Faux (Gold, Silver or Rose Gold) Foil effect in our templates is not real foil, but is an image of foil and will print out as a gradient effect. The faux foil effect will print out in ink along with the other design details in the artwork. You do not need to use a specialist printer to achieve this effect. 
The faux foil will not print out shiny as it is printed in ink, we can suggest printing your template onto a gloss finish cardstock to help give the faux foil the illusion of shininess.
Real foil has high minimum order quantities and is an expensive printing technique that requires a specialist Printer and a long production time. Faux foil gives the illusion of foil but without the high expense or long printing times that are typical of real foil.
Please note that most of our faux foil headings are not editable and cannot be personalised after purchasing the template. Please try the free template demo in the item description to check the template will be suitable.